SPES Membership

The society welcomes new members who have an interest in the works of John Scottus Eriugena or in the culture and scholarship of the Carolingian world. You can become a member by contacting the secretary using the information given below. Membership dues At the meeting in August 2000, the members agreed upon the following annual […]

Apuleius and the Metamorphoses of Platonism

  Claudio Moreschini, Apuleius and the Metamorphoses of Platonism Brepols (Nutrix, 10) Turnhout 2016 ISBN: 9782503554709 € 105,00 This book presents a thorough re-examination of Apuleius’ Platonic philosophy, encompassing both his philosophical and literary works. Its primary concern lies in demonstrating how there is no significant gap between the Platonic philosophy of the Opuscola (De Deo […]